Brabus has Brabus-ed the Merc-Maybach S650 to 888bhp

‘A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man,’ goes The Simpsons’ Springfield motto, which we can apply here. If by ‘noble’, you mean socking great turbochargers. And by ‘smallest man’, you mean the biggest and most luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S-Class possible.

Welcome then, to the embiggened Brabus 900; a 2.8-tonne monster able to breach 217mph. Exclusive, yes, but also monumentally fast.

Supremely fast and opulent Mercedes made even faster and more opulent

We start with Brabus’s “tried and proven principle” of increasing the engine’s size. So the ‘standard’ Maybach’s 6.0-litre V12 gets bored out to 6.3-litres. To this, the tuner adds a custom billet crankshaft, forged pistons and balanced connecting rods.

Then come turbos. Big ones. Ones with large compressors and turbines, that feed in more air and ally with special exhaust manifolds, and a stainless steel high performance Brabus exhaust.

More air arrives courtesy of the special intake, and the resulting combustion process delivers that haymaker power figure of 888bhp, and 1,106lb ft of torque. Consequently, the 0-62mph time – and please do bear in mind this is a near three-tonne automobile – is just 3.7s.

Brabus has teamed the engine upgrades with carbon fibre aero changes outside: a new front spoiler and bumper with larger intakes, as well as a new rear bumper and diffuser. Pictured here is the 900 sitting on 21in and 22in forged alloys. You can opt for smaller wheels, but that’s not a question you need to ask yourself if you’re already this far in.

It sits 15mm lower thanks to the ‘lowering module’, and the inside is basically whatever your little heart desires. This one pictured is an example of what you can achieve: seat perforations machined for optimum ventilation (handy with 888bhp on tap), the optical fibre headlining, tables, Micrcosoft Surface 4 Pro tablets, a 3.5in screen integrated into the armrest between the rear seats…

It’ll be expensive, no doubt. Just how expensive we don’t know, but you can order one as a complete car, or indeed send off your Maybach S650 to the workshop and have it upgraded.

Would you?

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